Amendment Statutes of Associations

The statutes of the Association, is what defines the name, registered office, purpose, the emergence of the Board and all the details about how it works. But several times in the course of time, the needs of the members of the Association, subject to change. So, for example, it may be desirable to rename the Club, changing the purpose, differentiating the conditions for election of the Board of Directors, record or delete members. For those changes requiring amendment of the Statute of the Association, where a request to the competent court and issue a decision. Similarly, any modification of the statute only applies after you subscribed to the book. Finally, it is obligatory to publish the changes to the formula.  You can see some examples in our service sector, while at the same time you can use them by modifying them for your own needs and at the end to complete the publication process from through our site within 5 minutes.

Read some useful information below:

In accordance with the provisions of law No. 4055/2012, establishing the Association, modifying the statutes and the dissolution of the Association the Association, in charge of the peace of the region is based in the Club.  The actions required for the procedure for amending the statutes the Association are as follows: 

1. filing in District Court of volontary jurisdiction Section – (by a lawyer).

Together with the relevant documents shall be deposited with the following documents: 

1. Practical Association's General Assembly for its decision amending the statutes

2. Current statutes

3. Modified (and usually coded) Statute

4. List of members of the Board of the Association

5. Certificate of the competent territorial court and the District Court relating to changes of the Association.

The competent magistrate issues order, ordering the amendment of the Association and the entry thereof in the books of the competent court.  This provision shall be served by a bailiff to the competent territorial Prosecutor or to the appropriate Region (if going for Sports Club-Sport Region Address) summary of amendment of the Statute shall be published in the Bulletin of Judicial Fund Legal Publications and in one daily newspaper local traffic.  Through our service you can complete the publication of the amendment of the statute from the relevant category posts.  

* The above does not constitute legal advice and is provided for information only. In any case, consult a legal representative for more information.