Regulatory Authority for Energy Announcements

The cases when you have to place announcements relating to the Regulatory Authority for Energy (RAE) are listed below, as stipulated in the Regulation for Power Generation Permits. You can place such announcements through our website. You may find templates in the relevant menu and use them to meet your posting needs.


Regulation for Power Generation Permits using Renewable Energy Sources (RES) or High-Performance Cogeneration of Heat & Power (CHP) 


Article 8 

Submission of applications for areas with grid saturation
1. By decision of the RAE, as posted in the Government Gazette and website, areas with grid saturation have been specified to absorb power from RES plants. This decision mainly takes into account the potential of the grids, based on a) real data, information and estimates by the competent Administrator, b) the submitted applications for permits, and c) the estimates of the Administrator with regard to binding the power facility,  where such estimates take into account the binding installation tenders  accepted as well as the applications for accepting installation tenders. The decision may pertain to specific RES plants and technologies or both, as well as production categories. Especially with regard to hybrid plants and RES plants that incorporate a desalination unit, as stipulated by law, the aforementioned decision must explicitly refer to them and the RES technology used. 
2. By decision of the RAE, which is issued every five (5) years at the latest, the power absorption potential per RES technology and per region is specified in part 4 of case a, paragraph 5, article 3 of the Law, following a justified recommendation by the competent Administrator. Based on the same decision, power limits are allocated among RES plants, as stipulated in case a, paragraph 5, article 4 of the Law. The allocation may be specialized among production categories of said technology. The Administrator's recommendation may be submitted upon call by the RAE and may include the proposals to boost the grid so as to test the RES power absorption potential. The decision is posted in the Government Gazette and its website. 
3. To implement the previous paragraph for specific RES technologies or producer categories, the RAE, by a decsion posted on its website, may draw up a specific methodology, upon the competent Administrator's recommendation. 
4. From the time the RAE is posted, as stipulated in paragraph 1, to the time the decision is issued, as stipulated in paragraph 2, the procedure for submission of production permit applications and for evaluation of the applications submitted for the RES categories or technologies pertaining to the aforementioned decision are suspended. 
5. Following the stipulation of the power absorption potential per RES technology and per region, in accordance with the decision stipulated in paragraph 2, if a power limit is also specified for the plants for which a production permit is to be issued, the RAE shall proceed with examining the applications submitted until the decision of paragraph 1 is issued, without prejudice to the provisions of paragraph 3 of Ministerial Decision AY/F1/Ref 19598 (Government Gazette Vol. B, 1630/11.10.2010). 
Following the stipulation of the power absorption potential per RES technology and per region, in accordance with the decision stipulated in paragraph 2, if the RAE, taking into account the submitted applications, deems it is possible to examine new applications, it proceeds with a tender call for submission of applications for specific RES technologies or producer categories. Following the decision of the RAE for tender calls, the necessary details regarding the submission of applications for regions with grid saturation and the deadline for submitting said applications are specified. Based on this decision, special terms and restrictions may also be specified for submission of applications, as well as additional evaluation criteria for said applications. A summary of this decision must be printed in two (2) wide-circulation daily newspapers published in Athens and posted on the RAE website. In all events, the submission of applications cannot commence earlier than 30 days from the date the RAE decision for tender calls has been released. 
Article 12 
Production Permit Granting Decision - Posting  
1. The decision for granting a production permit shall be issued within two (2) months from the submission of the application, provided the file is complete, or from the completion of the file. 
The decision to grant a permit is posted on the RAE website and is forwarded to the Minister of Environment, Energy & Climate Change. The beneficiary must post this decision in one (1) daily nationwide newspaper published in Athens, within ten (10) days from the date the decision was issued. 
3. The permit is valid from the date it is issued.
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