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Application - Court Decisions - Reports of Banks

The banking application is no different from all the cases referred to court documents. The separation is due to the price lists of newspapers where, when accelerating from a banking institution become considered then banking application or as otherwise stated in category Lawyers - Bailiffs of our service, Banking pleadings.

Application - Judicial decision - Reports

Legal pleadingsare documents prepared for the certification procedural documents, provided by the parties, that the persons involved in a lawsuit, or their representatives (eg lawyers). Application is treated, the call for debate, appeal, appeal, additional or main intervention, the opposition, the third party etc.

Reports,in the legal science, is the documentation prepared for certification action taken by the court or other court officers, except the lawyers. Such are eg reports service bailiffs, inspection of places reports, etc. The reports are public documents.

Judicial decision is the judgment of the Court in a dispute between the parties.

In some cases, the law requires the publication of certain legal documents, reports and judgments in the media (newspapers)

In category Lawyers - Bailiff you can post all kinds ofApplication Reports και Judicial decision.If there is no separate category of the application you want to post, please place it in General Applications

The most common cases pleadings, reports and judgments requiring publication in the press are: application and decision declaring a person in obscurity, invitation announcement right or claim, declaration or negotiable instrument invalid, the recommendation association (non-profit, cultural, sports) and the decision to amend the constitution, publication notice against a person of unknown residence, confiscating exhibitions and programs auctions.

Also, often requiring the publication in the press decisions of committees of Public Entities or local authorities (Forestry, Prefectures - now-Regions, Municipalities and Communities), eg the decision to change surname ……

Finally, the law requires the publication of statutes, acts Directors, financial data (balance sheets) and other acts of   Companies.