Terms of Use

World of Ads LLC reserves the right to make unilateral changes or to renew these terms and conditions for transactions performed through its e-shop, pursuant to its needs and/or the current trade practices. World of Ads LLC is obligated to inform its users of any changes as well as any amendments to the website of this e-shop. Note that any changes to the terms will not affect any orders placed by you prior to said changes. Please visit the Terms of Use page at the bottom of the website regularly for any changes or amendments. Proven nullity or court declared groundlessness of a certain term does not affect the validity of the other terms or the agreement in its entirety.

            By using the www.publees.com services, you automatically accept these Terms of Use. Please read the terms carefully.

A. Intellectual and Industrial Property Rights / Right to Access

The www.publees.com website is the official website of World of Ads LLC.  All content posted by World of Ads LLC – including images, graphics, photos, designs, texts and services/products –  constitutes intellectual property of PUBLEES LTD and is protected by the relevant provisions of the Greek and EU legislation, as well as international conventions. Using the services of www.publees.com κand completing your order by paying the corresponding amount gives you a limited, non-exclusive, nontransferable right to access the services on our website for personal use only and not for commercial, unlawful or any use other than the stipulated one.

It is prohibited to copy, digitally/analogically record, reproduce, distribute, transfer, download, use the software or technology, process, resell, produce work or mislead the public as to the actual provider of the content in individual pages. Content may not be reproduced, duplicated, downloaded, communicated, distributed, transmitted or used in any way or via any medium for commercial or other purposes without the prior express written consent of World of Ads LLC or any other legal owner of these intellectual rights. The names, images, logos and distinct features that represent PUBLEES and/or its e-shop constitute trademarks and distinct features of World of Ads LLC and/or www.publees.com and/or third parties of the aforementioned entities and are protected by the Cypriot, EU and international legislation on trademarks, industrial and intellectual property, and unfair competition. In all events, their appearance and display on www.publees.com shall not in any way be construed as transfer or concession of their license or right of use. 

B. User Obligations

The users of the www.publees.com website agree and pledge not to use the World of Ads LLC e-services to send, post, email or transmit in any other way content that is illegal, injurious, threatening, offensive, annoying, derogatory, defamatory, obscene, explicit or libelous. Such an act constitutes violation of third-party confidentiality, demonstrates hatred and racial, ethnic or other discrimination, and may cause damages to minors in any way. Such content shall not be transmitted, pursuant to the legislation and the provisions in force. Furthermore, it shall not violate any patents, trademarks, trade secrets, intellectual or other third-party property rights; it shall not contain software viruses or any other codes, files or programs that have been designed to disrupt, damage, destroy or interfere with the operation of any computer software or hardware, intentionally or unintentionally; it shall not violate the Greek and EU legislation in force and their provisions; and it shall not offend third parties in any way or with any content or be used to collect or store personal information of the users. The writer and orderer is solely responsible for the validity of the texts to be printed.

C. Applicable Law / Jurisdiction

The resolution of any dispute arising from the interpretation or implementation of this agreement or the use of the www.publees.com services comes under the jurisdiction of the competent courts of the city of Delaware. The applicable law is the Delaware USA law.

 D. Disclaimer

World of Ads LLC is solely liable for deceptively and grave negligence in the event of delays in completing the ordered services or in the event of unsuccessful completion of the ordering procedure. The PWorld of Ads LLC e-service under www.publees.com is not liable for technical problems experienced by users when attempting to access or visit the aforementioned website and which relate to the operation and compatibility of their infrastructure with the use of the website. Furthermore, World of Ads LLC is not liable for any third-party actions or omissions and especially third-party hacking into products and/or services and/or information available on the pages of the www.publees.com eshop. The people of World of Ads LLC and the www.publees.com expend all efforts to ensure the smooth printing of your order; however, they are not liable if your texts are not printed on your chosen date due to force majeure, such as extreme weather or other conditions (earthquakes, tsunamis, etc), scheduled and/or unscheduled general or newspaper union strikes, and any other events they cannot control, such as loss of the text through the medium you selected or failure of the medium to complete the printing. In the event of force majeure, provided www.publees.com has been notified on time, it will contact the medium and you so that you may receive all the relevant updates as well as a relevant letter from the medium (provided they send one) outlining the reason why the event took place and the next available date when your notice will be printed. World of Ads LLC and its www.publees.com e-service are not obligated to send copies of the newspapers containing the notices and is not obligated to keep a record of the newspapers containing the ordered notices. Sending the copies is done with each partner courier company, and World of Ads LLC bears no responsibility in case of non-timely delivery of responsibility or negligence. Furthermore, it is not liable for other services or information offered to you through our website, but not through us.

E. Ordering Procedure (You may visit our YouTube Channel for a demo of the ordering procedure)

E.1 Placing your order:

 Choose the service you are interested in and buy it by clicking on it. A form with appear on your screen for you to fill out. The form may have a fixed text, a free text, a fixed text and the option to upload a photo, a free text and the option to upload a photo, or just the option to upload a photo. Fill out the required fields and click on 'Calculate Price'. On this page, you may choose multiple dates for printing your notice. You may also compare prices in real time or search for a specific medium to print your notice. This is added to your shopping cart once you choose the date you want the notice to be printed. Follow the same steps for the same or another service. When you click on you shopping cart, you will see a detailed list of the services you have chosen. You may preview your notice or you may choose to have copies of the newspapers sent out to you. You can access this page at any time during your order or from any page on the www.publees.com website. Follow the same procedure for any service you are interested in.

E.2 Completing your order:

 To complete your order, view your shopping cart as explained further up and then click 'Next Step'. You will be transferred to a new page where the contents of your shopping cart will be listed in detail:: product name, chosen date of printing, unit price, subtotal, VAT, total.

E.3 Deleting items from your shopping cart:

If you wish to delete some of the notices from your order, click on 'Delete Product' from Cart. This is the Recycling Bin symbol next to the item you chose to delete and is automatically deleted from the list of your purchases. Once you have chosen the types and desired number of notices you wish to order as well as the number of copies you want us to send you, complete the order by clicking the relevant button. All the relevant information will appear next (see 'Completing your order').

E.4 Canceling your order

You may cancel your order at any time up until the time you enter your details in the relevant Credit or debit cards, PayPal™ and bank transfer pages. You can just close the page or click on any link that will direct you away from the ordering procedure. If you have completed your order and wish to cancel it, please contact PUBLEES immediately by phone on +35722007139, +30 210 6095370 or via email at hello@publees.com. For notices pertaining to social, judicial or other listings and general assembly meetings, orders may be canceled by 12:00 noon on the same day or by 12:00 noon on the following day if the order was placed after this time, provided the notice has not already been printed or the medium has not typeset it yet. Advertisements may only be canceled at least 10 days before printing.

Note: All orders placed after 12:00 noon are printed in two working days and/or a later date you may have chosen, or the next available working day in the event of a weekend, strike or bank holiday. If an order has been placed for the next day but is completed after 12:00 noon or has been kept in the shopping cart and is completed after 12:00 noon of the same or the following day from the date selected, then it may not be printed on the following date and is moved to the next date available on the newspaper chosen.

E.5 Choosing a payment method: See “Payment options”

E.6 Ensuring your order is successful:

You can ensure that your order has been successfully entered in our system when you receive an email with all the relevant details regarding your purchase. World of Ads LLC expends all efforts to offer top-level services. If any queries arise from your order, you will receive a relevant email. Alternatively, we will contact you on the phone numbers you provided when you registered on our site or placed your order. There is no way to deactivate these notifications, which must be sent, so as to ensure the smooth progress of your order. We urge you to ensure that these emails will reach you and to keep them throughout your transaction. Under the general terms governing out transactions, you are obligated to notify us without delay if you do not receive any relevant emails.

E.7 Correcting a notice:

For any corrections/additions/deletions to the text of your notice, you must contact us by 12:00 noon at least one working day before the printing date or at the last working day if the notice must printed during the weekend or Holydays. Any changes made after this time carry the risk of your notice not being printed correctly. To avoid this, please check your text when your are writing it and also check the email you receive when the order is completed. You also have the option of checking your text when it is already in the Shopping Cart, so you may avoid completing your order with errors in the text (Check out our YouTube video on how to complete your order).   

E.8 Data Protection & Transaction Security: See “Personal Data” and “Transaction Security”