Safety of communication and transaction- Privacy Notice

The considers very important the safety personal your given and secrecy of your transactions. For this, taking the all essential measures for the guarantee more, the, protects your personal data from anyone who are not allowed the access, revelation, loss, bad use, change or destruction.
We collect the following types of information with regard to the users:
1. Data that the user gives us at his registration as customer.
2. Data and additional information that the user gives us so that is executed his order.
The information that we receive afterwards the completion of your registration, are used so that we communicate together you with regard to:
1. The confirmation of your identity, where this is judged necessary.
2. Your continuous briefing on the situation and course of your order.
3. The mission of invoice in the address that you have declared to us.Safety of communication and transaction- Privacy Notice

The respects your personal data and  the safety of your transactions.  Therefore, we take the all essential measures to protect your personal data from anyone who is not authorized to have the access. We do not sell, rent, trade, license or otherwise disclose your personal information or finance information to anyone, except that:


 (i) As do most catalog and Internet wholesalers, we sometimes use others to perform specific functions on our behalf. When we disclose information to these service providers, we disclose information to help them to perform their service. For example, in order to deliver your invoice,or the presents you won in one of our contest,   we must share some information. We partner with third parties (such as ACS, and HELLINIC POST) to ship products, to ensure delivery, and so that we can obtain feedback, improve the quality of our service, and measure and improve the quality of the service of the third party.  

(ii) We may be required to disclose such information in response to requests from law-enforcement officials conducting investigations, subpoenas, a court order, or if we are otherwise required to disclose such information by law. We also will release personal information where disclosure is necessary to protect our legal rights, enforce our Terms of Use or other agreements, or to protect ourselves or others. For example, we may share information to reduce the risk of fraud or if someone uses or attempts to use our Site for illegal reasons or to commit fraud.

(iii) We will not sell (or trade or rent) personally identifiable information to other companies as part of our regular course of business. However, it is possible that we might acquire or merge with or be acquired by another company or that we might dispose of some or all of our assets. If that happens, your personal information may be disclosed to another company, but that disclosure will be subject to the Privacy Notice in effect.

(iv) We may share non-personal information (such as the number of daily visitors to a particular web page, or the size of an order placed on a certain date) with third parties such as advertising partners. This information does not directly personally identify you or any user.


By signing in our website, you accept our policy of collecting and using the information that you give to us.

We are not responsible for the content or privacy practice on any non any non website to which the site links or that links to the site.



 Upon your request, we will

(a) Correct or update your personal information.

(b) Stop sending emails to your email address

(c) Stop sending SMS messages to your phones


(d) Disable your account to prevent any future purchases through that account. You can make these requests at the customer information section, or by telephoning, or emailing your request to’s Customer Support department at Please do not email your credit card number or other sensitive information.



As you might expect from, the majority of information that we collect is obtained through our Site, and this Privacy Policy applies only to that online collection of personal information. We also try to protect the privacy of you personal information that is collected offline. For example, customers may call us to place an order or to ask questions. During the call, we will ask only for the personal information we need in order to place the order or to answer the question. When we need to store information’s (such as order information), we will enter it into our database.


Τhis Policy does not discuss or try to predict all of those methods or uses. As mentioned, we primarily provide services, not information. What so ever, we assure you that we do not collect or use your personal information illegally or in bad faith. 

4. When any other problem is presented at the transaction of your Publication.
The fact that you assign  your personal data, means that you consent this data they are used by the employees of for the reasons that were mentioned before. The, requires from employees and the conservers of web page they provide to users-customer the level of safety that is reported at the Personal Data.
The in no other case cannot  be shared with other your personal data without your own previous consent, except and if this is required via the legal road.