Payment Options

You may pay using the following payment options:

By credit/debit card

You may pay using your debit, credit or prepaid Visa, Mastercard. We do not accept card type MAESTRO from NATIONAL BANK of GREECE.

Via PayPal

  1. You may use PayPal even if you have not set up your own account, by following these steps:
  2. Select payment via PayPal
  3. Select Pay with my credit or debit card.
  4. Fill out the required fields and click Review and continue
  5. Select Pay now.
  6. Your payment has been completed.

Via Paybybank

  1. Paybybank is a service offered by Worldbridge-Payment Institution SA, a Greek company founded in 1991. It is licensed and registered at the Bank of Greece, which is the supervising authority. Using Paybybank is not about making a money deposit; instead, you use the service to send a money transfer order. You don’t have to know our business bank account number. We will immediately receive your payment and process your order.
  2. As soon as you complete your order you will receive a payment code. Use this code to complete the payment through your bank’s web banking or phone banking service.
  3. You may also make your payment at any bank branch you hold an account with. We will issue you a unique payment code. The bank teller may use this code to search the database for your paybybank money transfer order. This payment code identifies the amount you have to pay. So if your order amount is €14.99, the system will not accept a payment of €15.00. View a list of supported banks and corresponding payment options.
  4. Your payments must be completed at the latest by 12 noon, 1 day before the date you want your notice to be printed.
  5. You then have to send us your payment slip immediately via email to or by fax at +30 213 035 1792
  6. That's it! We will process your order and will inform you shortly about it's progress as soon as possible.
  7. NOTE: If an employee tells you they are not familiar with these procedures or refuse to execute the transaction, please contact us before leaving the bank branch/Viva Spot, to help you complete the process as conveniently as possible. Phone: +302106095370.


Do not hesitate to ask us if you have any questions.

For additional information about PayPal please click here.